Our Highlights

80,000 sqft

Largest new build timber framed office managed by Circle.

1,400 Family Cars

Running for one year = amount of carbon saved on beech Street by carefully repurposing the existing building fabric.

35 %

Embodied carbon reduction on Beech Street by retaining the existing building fabric.

2,500 apartments

Currently under Circle's carbon management.

Fortnightly carbon trackers

Issued to clients, monitoring the impact of design decisions.

033 Circle 10 10 23

Through this carbon conscious approach we make visions realities and create positive impacts in the built environment at all stages of the project.

The built environment is a large contributor to global warming and contributes around 40% of the UK’s carbon footprint, to calculate the embodied carbon we need to know the quantities of each material used.

Circle combined a detailed knowledge of a projects design, specification and material quantities in order to produce accurate, RICS accredited carbon reporting:

  • Life Cycle Costing (LCC) [BREEAM Man 02]
  • Life Cycle Carbon Assessments (LCA)

The outcome is our Client’s are equipped with the knowledge to make carbon conscious decisions for the future.

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Circle Leeds 4023

Streamlining service management on-site

Our custom-built Circle app streamlines service management on-site, while our carbon quantification software demonstrates our commitment to sustainability.