Our synergistic approach enables us to leverage our collective strengths and achieve outstanding results.

We are full of energy, passion, and a meticulous understanding

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to becoming an integral part of our clients’ teams, forging deep connections and working closely on our projects. Together we harness a diverse range of construction expertise, a relentless drive to excel in every endeavour, and a team brimming with an array of skills.

Our values

We are committed to our guiding principles they serve as the foundation of our identity, define our culture and mission.

We are carbon conscious evolving to build the future

We care about people, place and the planet

This means:
  • We are committed to embracing new technologies as we drive positive change aligned with climate targets.
  • With our up-to-date knowledge, deep industry understanding, and expertise in the carbon sector, we stay at the forefront of advancements.
We are distinctly integrated for seamless delivery

We are up-front and to the point

This means:
  • We seamlessly merge specialties, skills, and perspectives to form a unified team.
  • Fostering collaboration, we ensure effective communication and coordinated efforts for comprehensive solutions.
  • Our synergistic approach enables us to leverage our collective strengths and achieve outstanding results.
We embrace precision with our technical know-how

We have meticulous methods

This means:
  • Precision is ingrained in us, we approach every aspect of our work from planning to project delivery and beyond with meticulous attention to detail.
  • Our team of experts maximise efficiency, minimise risks, and leave no room for error.
  • Through our commitment we deliver exceptional outcomes, establishing trust, reliability, and a reputation for excellence in the industry.


We ensure success with unrelenting resolve

We are committed to remarkable outcomes

This means:
  • We are driven, pragmatic, and agile thinkers, constantly learning and exploring possibilities.
  • Guided by resilience, we have the courage to tackle complex problems and the endurance to last, delivering exceptional services that stand the test of time.
  •  We ensure our clients’ best interests are central to our decision-making.


Circle 274

Calling graduates
and apprentices

At Circle, we highly value the combination of practical experience and academic development. Whether staff are office or site-based, our company-wide CPD program brings everyone together, at all levels without exception, to share knowledge and ensure that the next generation is fully equipped with the tools to maintain the high level of service expected by our clients.

We are on the look out for graduates and apprentices for our training program. If you’re interested in joining our program or know someone who might be, get in touch!

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Join our team of
expert individuals

We prioritize internal promotion, cultivating a team that not only comprehends our standards but also embodies them. We actively seek individuals who align with our culture of mutual support, commitment, and resilience in the face of challenges.

Meet the team

Circle 258

Preciseness is ingrained in us. We approach every aspect of our work, from planning to project delivery and beyond, with meticulous attention
to detail.

131 Circle 10 10 23

We are driven and pragmatic thinkers who believe in the strength of our service and the dedicated individuals behind it. We are committed to delivering exceptional outcomes, establishing trust, reliability, and a reputation for excellence.

Circle Leeds 3325

Through grit and innovative thinking, we have established ourselves as a respected and institutionally recognised business, capable of successfully executing substantial projects.

From the very start, I was embraced by a supportive and collaborative team that facilitated a seamless integration. I've had the privilege of tackling challenging projects and have witnessed substantial professional growth. The company's dedication to employee development and its inclusive work culture have made my journey truly rewarding and fulfilling.

Ewelina Wojcik Document Controller
Ewelina Wojcik

Following my success in Circle's APC Chartership Programme, I aim to support and guide upcoming employees in achieving their APC Chartership through one-on-one Q&A sessions, mock APC interviews, and reviewing their experiences to ensure they have a wide range of expertise heading into APC interviews.

Dillon Carson, MRICS Senior Quantity Surveyor
Dillon Carson

My time at Circle has exposed me to different situations on different projects, allowing me to collaborate with various consultants. I'm currently an apprentice at Circle as part of the degree apprenticeship scheme, which is equipping me with the necessary skills for the industry. This unique opportunity provides me with both in-depth knowledge through key projects and a broad understanding by involving me in various tasks.

Alex Alba Trainee Quantity Surveyor
Alex Alba

The team at Circle have trained me up very willingly giving me knowledge and good exposure to teams and clients.

Rupert Pelly Quantity Surveyor & Carbon Manager
Rupert Pelly

It is fantastic to be part of such an enthusiastic and capable team. I look forward to continuing to make a difference to our clients and I am excited to see the company continue to develop and grow.

Aled Williams Director
Aled Williams

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