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A good clerk of works can add measurable value to the delivered quality of a construction project

A good clerk of works can add measurable value to the delivered quality of a construction project. The task of ensuring a building is constructed in accordance with the approved plans and specifications, and overseeing work and safety standards on site, is even more effective when the clerk of works is able to identify any issues promptly and recommend appropriate solutions. Our in-house experts combine a depth of experience and knowledge with the ability to develop good working relationships and maintain clear communications.

Our work includes a regular presence on site, bi-weekly reporting to client teams, and monthly summary reports identifying progress and key issues. We ensure compliance with Employer’s Requirements, review building set-outs, undertake dimensional checks, inspect structural elements and concrete quality tests, inspect fit-out elements, and review technical submittals and sub-contractor working drawings. To ensure consistent quality, we encourage the use of benchmark inspections for each element of the work. All aspects of an architectural build are monitored, including fire safety aspects, with an overview of structural, M&E and civils systems. We also provide Health & Safety compliance monitoring, site Health & Safety reports and observations on temporary works.

Seamless collaboration: uniting Clients, Design teams, Contractors, Senior Management, and on-site teams

A key focus of our work is the establishment and maintenance of a relationship of trust with a project’s main contractor. Together with open lines of communication and close-working with client and design teams, this makes it possible to help a whole project reach a high level of quality. We work with Tier 1, 2 and 3 contractors in the UK and developed good rapport with senior management and on-site teams.

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Staying at the forefront of technology

Using our custom-built Clerk of Works app, we provide observation trackers, monthly summary reports and dashboard summaries recording notable site inspection observations that require clarification or remedial action. The information is updated weekly and issued to client and contractor team members. In addition, real time access to the app is available, enabling client teams to monitor and record progress.

Typical categories of observation include quality, design, Health & Safety, environmental aspects and temporary works. Each observation is ranked according to its status using a traffic light colour-coding system. A monthly summary report is prepared for the client team, along with a summary of progress against programme.