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Our team of experts maximise efficiency, minimise risks, and leave no room for error.

Circle’s team of quality managers are site based, detail focused experts who ensure the quality agreed withing the specification is achieved on site and in compliance with the relevant regulations.

Once appointed, our quality management teams first task is to fully understand the employer’s requirements, development agreement and any supplementary agreements / bid notes / deviations schedules as often the design in a contract may not be the full story. Our team understand the practicalities of procurement, and how to ensure the holistic contract obligations are delivered on site.

Reporting is a key differentiator to the Circle quality management team, the advantage of the bespoke app is the streamlined, clear, reporting documentation – allowing clients real time updates of quality observations on site.


Precision is ingrained in us, we approach every aspect of our work from planning to project delivery and beyond with meticulous attention to detail

Circle have heavily invested in our own quality inspection cloud based app, whilst also holding experience with a wide range of snagging software, including both industry leading software and more bespoke contractor led software. Whilst the use of the Circle app is encouraged, it is not mandatory and it will be a priority of the quality inspection team to become an expert in the contractors preferred software and ensure the reporting features are maximised.

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