From humble

With unstoppable resilience and an unyielding spirit, we swiftly advanced, garnering recognition as a Consultant of the Year finalist and delivering our comprehensive suite of services for the UK’s largest forward-funded purpose-built student accommodation scheme, and over 9,000 residential apartments across the UK.

Throughout our remarkable journey, characterised by grit and innovative thinking, we have established ourself as a respected and institutionally recognised business, capable of successfully executing substantial projects.

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We seamlessly merge specialties, skills, and perspectives to form a unified team.

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We are committed to embracing new technologies as we drive positive change aligned with climate targets.

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Fostering collaboration, we ensure effective communication and coordinated efforts for comprehensive solutions.

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To an industry

Our expansion has not only encompassed an enriched service suite but a deep focus on sustainability. Positioning us as a trailblazer in the industry with our meticulous precision and profound grasp of Carbon-focused decision-making and integrating technology.

As we continue our growth trajectory, we remain rooted in our founding principles, exemplifying an tenacious commitment to clients, our community and the planet.


Seamless delivery

What sets us apart is our detailed, methodical approach to dealing with site issues, contract issues and maintaining the attitude of always doing the right thing for our clients.


Awards Recognition

Recognized by Building Magazine as a top 10 finalist at the 2022 Building Awards, in the consultant of the year category.

A UK wide shortlist, validating our impact on the industry. Through our commitment we deliver exceptional outcomes, establishing trust, reliability, and a reputation for excellence in the industry.

The Hanging Gardens of Basingstoke

Circle offering the full suite of services on the redevelopment of the Grade II listed Mountbatten House office redevelopment.

Mountbatten House

I am excited to have been part of Circle’s growth amongst such ambitious peers working across the built environment and can’t wait to help support the team’s continued trajectory. The entire team are intent on ensuring sustainable growth and have the common goal of maintaining the values that have built the foundations of Circle’s success, by being an integral part of project delivery and an extension of the client team.

Peter Christmas
Peter Christmas, MRICS Director

The goal with clients as we are offering multiple service lines, its about streamlining the process and that way it just cuts out a lot of time; you get one detailed consistent approach which makes their life easier.

Aled Williams
Aled Williams Director

Circles values are very important to us we make sure that we provide the best service for our clients by following those values.

Dillon Carson
Dillon Carson, MRICS Senior Quantity Surveyor

So when Circle offer the full suite of services; the Quantity Surveyor, the Project Manager, and the Clerk of Works, no rock is left unturned.

Joe Cutler
Joe Cutler Managing Director