Svetlana Tulgara

What expertise and background do you bring to the table?

If I had met young Svetlana and told her she would be working in Construction, she would be very surprised. You see, my journey into this field was completely accidental.

I’ve specialised in interior design and project management for residential contracts, which has given me extensive experience in overseeing the design and construction of high-end residential properties. This experience has honed a sharp eye for details, a skill that’s absolutely crucial when inspecting properties.

What I’m naturally very keen on is furthering my education to become an LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) specialist. I’m not pursuing this goal just as a checkbox exercise, but because I’m deeply committed to driving the necessary changes for our planet.

Can you outline the responsibilities of your role?

My role might appear mundane to some, but I find it quite fulfilling. I spend my days inspecting various properties, meticulously checking if the quality, quantity, and technical specifications have been met. It’s all about ensuring that everything is up to the mark. I work closely with the main contractor team on site to maintain consistently high quality and keep the schedules on track. It’s a critical aspect of my job.

Another significant part of what I do involves logging every single issue or defect I observe during these inspections. This information is logged on various platforms chosen by the contractor. This process ensures that any necessary rectifications are made efficiently and quickly, ultimately leading to quality delivery and, most importantly, happy clients.

Describe your experiences and growth at Circle?

When I joined Circle it marked a significant turning point in my career. I had previously struggled to strike a balance between work and family in my former firm. So, when I was offered a part-time role at Circle, it felt like the ideal solution for my family situation.

Fortunately, I have a wonderful colleagues, who are incredibly experienced and highly professional. They played a pivotal role in helping me navigate the learning process and adapt to all the novelties within the company.

The journey so far has been incredibly smooth. The team at Circle is more like a family. We share constant laughter, maintain a stress-free attitude, and, at the same time, form a conglomerate of hardworking professionals at the top of their game.

What is your favourite project?

My best project, without a doubt, was Taberner House (Queen’s Quarter) – maybe because it was my first experience with such a tall building, reaching the 35th floor.

Some days, we faced elevator outages, which meant climbing to the top floor multiple times a day was the only option. Despite the challenges, I found myself thoroughly enjoying every aspect of the project. This included overseeing the End of Defects process, which we successfully completed after a year of the building’s operation.

What brings you joy outside of work?

I must admit, I have too many hobbies, and yes, it can be a bit tough on my bank account, but they bring me so much joy!

Dancing has been a big part of my life. I studied ballroom dance for 10 years. Looking back, I was involved in every sport practiced in school, be it short, long-distance running, gymnastics, tennis. While I never pursued any of them at a professional level, sports always felt like something I was naturally inclined toward.

More recently, I’ve delved into painting, inspired by reading a book of Van Gogh’s letters. His influence led me to explore the lives of the greatest artists in human history. I’ve come to appreciate that life, with all its aspects, including buildings, is a form of art.


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