Ned Smithies

What expertise and background do you bring to the table?

I began my career working for a Main Contractor on site as a QS in Purpose Built Student Accommodation, managing subcontractors on a daily basis. I then joined Circle in 2020 to move to client side, taking a focus in carrying out the Employer’s Agent / Contract Administration role and Cost Consultancy within the residential, education and heritage sectors. Recently, I have taken an interest in the way that carbon can be reduced and mitigated by way of carbon management within the built environment, providing advise to clients on how to build greener for their developments.

Can you outline the responsibilities of your role?

I have a blend of both pre and post contract projects at Circle. The day to day role on the pre-contract project includes carrying out tendering and procurement with main contractors, cost exercises and keeping open dialogue with our supply chain to keep control of any materials cost variations. On post-contract projects, I undertake roles such the Employer’s Agent / Contract Administrator on behalf of clients, ensuring the contract is being adhered to by all parties party to it. I oversee the commercial aspects of projects and advise our clients on the best ways to proceed and overcome any obstacles that naturally arise on developments.

Describe your experiences and growth at Circle?

I started Circle as a Graduate QS and has since then progressed to a Quantity Surveyor, I enjoy the daily challenges which are presented to him whilst working at Circle. The Circle team are close knit, which means that opportunity to experience an array of different experience is given, along with the responsibility of making decisions and face to face exposure with clients from early within my career.

What is your favourite project?

My favourite project has been Wembley Link which is a 256 home BtR scheme, I was present for the first pile being installed and will be present when the last tree is planted within the extensive external works, this was also my first project at Circle so it will also be remembered. The opportunity to learn, with the senior team at Circle overseeing the project, but allowing me to take the lead in decision making and advising my client was invaluable to my learning, whilst also ensuring our clients had the best quality service.

What brings you joy outside of work?

I am an avid sports fan, primarily Rugby and Cricket who can often been found on a Saturday at Old Deer Park watching London Welsh play rugby. I am also a keen cyclist which is often how Saturday mornings are spent in and around London with friends. When I am not in London I am often back in Pembrokeshire (where I grew up) on my parents farm, usually causing more hinderance then help.

I enjoy socialising in the evening and on weekends around London making the most of the great pubs and many of restaurants that London has to offer.


Carbon Management Clerk of Works Employer’s Agent Quality Management Quantity Surveying Residential

Wembley Link

Carbon Management Clerk of Works Employer’s Agent Quality Management Quantity Surveying Residential

Latitude Purple

Employer’s Agent Project Management Quantity Surveying Residential

Griffin Park