Josh Cridland

What expertise and background do you bring to the table?

I am taking my first practical steps into the world of Quantity Surveying during my placement with Circle. I am currently focusing on honing my skills in measurement and cost planning, within the residential sector. Although my previous experience is primarily academic, I am eager to develop my skills whilst contributing to the company.

Can you outline the responsibilities of your role?

I play a multifaceted role engaging in both pre and post contract tasks. I assist the QS team while also taking ownership of responsibilities whenever possible. A typical week for me is a blend of activities, involving cost exercises, feasibility studies, and precise measurements for projects at various stages of development. My keen eye for detail ensures no stone is left unturned in these crucial processes. Lately, I have also begun to embrace a more hands-on role by participating in monthly interim valuations, site walks, and attending progress meetings. With a relentless pursuit of excellence and a strong work ethic, I am shaping myself into an valuable asset in the world of Quantity Surveying.

My journey with Circle has only just begun, I am looking forward to completing University and enrolling onto the Circle APC Chartership progamme

Describe your experiences and growth at Circle?

My journey with Circle has only just begun, as I recently embarked on his placement year with the company in 2023. Although, I am only a Trainee QS I plays a vital role in the Wembley Link development and prospective projects. I am looking to return to Circle as a graduate after completing my final year at university and enroll onto the Circle APC Chartership Program.

What is your favourite project?

I have been passionate about the Wembley Link project, a prominent build-to-rent development in Wembley, from the moment I joined the company. My involvement in this venture, which encompasses 245 apartments, has been a rewarding journey filled with numerous challenges that have provided valuable learning opportunities. Additionally, the stunning stadium view makes this residential building truly stand out as a premium landmark in the area.

What brings you joy outside of work?

In my spare time I play ultimate frisbee, last year claiming a bronze at University Mixed Indoor Nationals playing for Loughborough University. I also enjoy spinning discs up on the turntables, mixing between different genres of drum and bass playing to massive imaginary crowds in my bedroom.


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